Meet the Executives...

Jessalyn Primrose & Megan Nissen.JPG

Jessalyn Primrose & Megan NIssen, Co-Executive Directors

Year: Seniors

Majors/Minors:  Jessalyn- Elementary Education/Spanish Teaching;   Megan- Double Major in Elementary & Mid-Level Education/Mathematics

Roles: To lead the Executive committee and all committee meetings. To oversee the operations of the organization and to provide guidance to other members of the executive committee

Our Wishes: Jessalyn- To cuddle a baby kangaroo while walking through the Daintree National Park in Australia Megan- To visit Germany to learn more about where my Dad was born & where my family originated


Madison Miller.JPG

Madison Miller, Director of Events

Year: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Organizational Leadership/Accounting

Role: To plan and put on all of the major events. Also to manage every aspect of these events such as venues, master schedules, volunteer coordination, risk management, and so forth.

My Wish: To go to Yosemite National Park


Lindsay Beyer.JPG

Lindsay Beyer, Director of Fundraising

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Accounting/MIS

Role: To create and plan our fundraising events. These fundraisers help us function as an organization, with 90% still going directly towards our Wish Fund. Examples include car bash, restaurant nights, bake sales, etc.

My Wish: To go to New Zealand and go whale watching


Trevor Yuska.JPG

Trevor Yuska, Associate Director of Fundraising

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Double major in Finance & Organizational Leadership

Role: To assist the Director of Fundraising with creating new fundraising ideas and volunteer coordination.

My Wish: To go to Italy and eat authentic Italian food


Victor Soupene.JPG

VICTOR SOUPENE, Director of Recruitment/Membership

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Biology/Environmental Health

Role: To obtain members for the organization through creating and putting on multiple creative recruitment events the spark interest within the students of UNI. Also in charge of getting participants and customers for our various events and fundraisers that we put on over the course of the year. Solider of the organization, on the front lines doing the dirty work. 

My Wish: To climb Mt. Everest


Kinsey Vander Lee.JPG


Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Elementary Education/Literacy

Role: To assist the Director of Membership/Recruitment with obtaining members, creating new ways to recruit and getting our name out there to UNI's campus.

My Wish: To play a round of golf in Ireland with Niall Horan <3


Jordan Huntington.JPG

Jordan Huntington, Social Media Coordinator

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Marketing

Role: Manage a lot of the behind the scenes work with keeping the Facebook, Twitter and blog updated. Also is in charge of getting us time on the radio and new stations and in the newspapers. He is to carry the image of the Wishmakers through the public outlets, and create a marketing campaign that will gain us more followers.

My Wish:  To spend a day with Kobe Bryant


Taelor Williamson.JPG

Taelor Williamson, Events Marketing Coordinator

Year: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Role: To assist the Director of Marketing creating advertisement posters, table tents, social media posts, etc. Also, think of creative ways to advertise to the community and on campus, as well as, making connections with local TV and radio stations.

My Wish: To travel to Australia :)


Courtney Krousie.JPG

Courtney Krousie, Secretary

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Double major in Accounting and Economics

Role: Record the meeting minutes and assist with objectives of the executive and associate director

My Wish: To travel to New Zealand and go ziplining

Paige Nieman.JPG

Paige Nieman, Co-Advisor

Graduated: May 2012 from UNI

Major/Minor: Family Services/Leisure Youth and Human Services (Nonprofit Certificate)

Role:  Advise organization on Make-A-Wish organizational resources and policies. Assist in events initiated by the Northern Iowa Wishmakers. Manages the website:

My Wish: To go to Australia


Sadie Foertsch.JPG

Sadie Foertsch, Co-Advisor

Graduated: May 2010 from UNI

Major/Minor:  Marketing/Public Relations

Role:  Advise organization on Make-A-Wish organizational resources and policies. Assist in events initiated by the Northern Iowa Wishmakers

My Wish:  To visit Ireland! My family originated from Ireland, and I would love to see the homeland and experience the culture!